Life Forces

Here is one of the amazing influences in my life and someone that I recommend with all of my heart…

Dr. Larisa Gruer, N.P., PhD, European Institute for Natural Health


Dr. Larisa has been a tremendous guiding light in my family’s life — physically, mentally, and spiritually.  As her website says,

“Finally, there’s doctor who treats you as an individual, not a disease. And, she knows how to listen. At The European Institute for Natural Health, Dr. Larisa Gruer’s goal is to assist and educate you naturally. She’s a specialist in naturopathy and holistic nutrition with years of clinical experience. 

Naturopathy is a distinct system of wellness and a complimentary health profession that works well and feels right. Dr. Larisa provides safe, medically sound advice that respects the work of other doctors. Naturopathic doctors build bridges for patients interested in an integrative approach. Dr. Larisa’s care is tailored just for you. Using naturopathy’s unique healing principles is a smart prescription for powerful healing. 

In private practice, Dr. Larisa – an accomplished medical intuitive, consults with people of all ages with a wide spectrum of acute and chronic conditions. Homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutritional therapy and psychological counseling are time-tested, powerful therapies. Dr. Larisa’s approach gets to the root of the problem and stimulates your body’s healing response. 

Dr. Larisa’s practice focuses on hormone imbalances, stress and chronic pain, weight management and family and pediatric nutrition. She is a UCLA Graduate, a member of theAmerican Naturopathic Medical Association and is a nationally-recognized Registered Naturopathic Diplomat with a specializing PhD in Holistic Nutrition.”

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