Great Links

** Yoga, sustainability, politics and spirituality


** Yoga and meditation anywhere anytime, created by Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen


** If you’re into gardening, check out The Edible Schoolyard Project at

It was a vegetable gardening project started by the amazing food guru Alice Waters at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Berkeley… very inspiring!


** Here is a really cool message of gratitude by an award-winning cinematographer ~ take ten minutes to watch it!


** The Oneness Blessing ~ To activate the energy channels in our bodies, achieve a higher level of consciousness, and create a unity of humanity with each other and with the Divine, check out these websites:


** This website is like playing a board game about happiness.  Read my “Happiness Food Rules Mindfire Project” blog for more insight.


** For those of us who didn’t learn enough in school, this website enables us to be vicarious students… without the stress of term papers, exams, and grades.  Pretty amazing… and humbling.


** This radio show website is all about food, ecology, sustainability, interconnectedness, healthy recipes, relationships, and stories from the land.  It makes me wish I had an extra hour every day to listen and explore.



** If you believe that the heavens and stars help guide our lives, here is a world-renowned astrologer’s website.  She is a very intuitive guiding light.

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